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ALIMAC arises from the merger of two historical companies with innovative ambitions from a productive and managerial point of view.

Macchiarini granulati, this company was born in the 50’s and its production plant supplies White Carrara marble chips and powders and is specialized in the production of marble pebbles.

Aliboni granulati, it is a company born in the 20’s, with two production plants of White Carrara marble powders, specialized in the production of powder-free marble chips and smooth surfaced pebbles.

ALIMAC joins together ROOTS AND WINGS.

Its ROOTS are inherited by the merger of two historical companies that make possible a constant and direct contact with the” tradition”, with the so-called Jung’s “social imaginary”, which any civil society is based on, and from which it takes its lifeblood. That means respect, loyalty, values and human bond with employees, customers and suppliers, as well as competitors. That respect, which only human history and traditions teach us; everything free from any prejudice, false belief and distortion.

On the other hand, but necessarily not in contrast, the “WINGS” give it the necessary motivation to fly, to hazard, to reinvent itself, develop and to leave those prejudices and distortions brought unfortunately by “history” and “tradition”. Therefore, ambition and will to develop, to reinvent itself, but at the same time, to keep the historical awareness that gives the appropriate way for everything.

ALIMAC has strengthened its position as reference point in those fields in which it stands out: traditional building, industrialised building, gardening and zootechnics. Thanks to the handmade production techniques as well as the continuous technological investments, ALIMAC has become a reliable business partner for companies in search of innovative high-performing products for any production requirement.


  • It has three production plants: Seravezza, Pontefoggi, Querceta
  • It employs directly 38 direct employees
  • It has 10 satellite activities
  • It produces about 250.000 tons every year
  • It has a turnover of € 7 millions
  • It has a joint stock of over € 2 millions
  • It exports mainly to Europe and North Africa.

The current configuration has led to a strengthening on the market thanks to:

  • A wider range of products  (MYCARB®)
  • A wider range of packagings
  • More flexibility in the orders management
  • Shipment by sea
  • Quality System certifications, “EC” mark (European Conformity) of the product, SA (Social Accountability) 8000 ethic

ALIMAC provides a wide range of markets; indeed, our partners produce/commercialize:

  • Gardening products
  • Indoor and outdoor tiles
  • Adhesive glues for tiles
  • Mortars, plasters and stuccos (renders)
  • Paving and claddings
  • Industrial prefabricated buildings
  • Building articles
  • Building materials
  • Animal feed
  • indoor and outdoor mortars
  • ready-mixed plasters