Obviously, for economic reasons, a lot of customers of ours prefer purchasing loose materials without packaging.
Nevertheless, all our products can be packaged.

Loose Materials


All our products can be provided loose, provided that the means chosen for the transport is suitable for the maintenance of the expected standards over the whole duration of the travel.




Big bags


It is a very cheap packaging whose capacity is about 1 cubic meter.
Each big bag has a 1.5 tons standard capacity, and usually, when it is completely full,  it has the following dimensions 110x110x125 cm.
It is suitable for any kind of material up to 100 mm, except for those products that do not tolerate moisture.
On request, we can provide 1 ton big bags too.
Moreover, with an additional charge, every bag can be supplied onto a wooden pallet and eventually with a nylon heat shrinking cap, to keep the material in the pre-packaging original conditions.

Roll crate


It is a package made up of a resistant galvanized mesh, placed onto wooden pallets.
It is very suitable for companies that need to show the product, and keeping it in order as well.
Every roll crate has a capacity of about 1.6-1.7 tons.



Bags on to pallet


It is a package made up of bags placed onto wooden pallets of different sizes, covered with transparent nylon.
Bags can be in plastic, raphia, paper and they can have a capacity of 25 kg.
Each package has a standard weight of 1.5 tons.
Package suitable for products from 0 to 100 mm.
On request, we can provide both 1 ton pallets and 10 kg bags, and black nylon heat-shrinking caps.