Productive Methods

ALIMAC is a renovated reality, whose management has joined together innovation and tradition. Innovation to move with the times, and tradition to keep the bond between man and qualified products. Productions are based on continuous controls, from the acceptance of raw materials to the delivery of the final product.

  1. ALIMAC chooses the best quarries in the Apuan Alps with the intention of improving the historical characteristics of the white marble, that is, reducing the typical grey and red leachate percolating, assuring the constancy of the product.Alimac - Metodi produttivi
  2. Any raw material, as soon as it gets to our factories, is carefully washed, before being unloaded, to remove any dirty and muddy parts, and to highlight the quality at the following controls.Alimac - Metodi produttivi
  3. The marble chipping is made “stone by stone”: the marble chipping operators check the suitability of each stone before chipping it; then, they remove the stones considered unsuitable as well as any undesired material left by the man over the years on the quarries, unfortunately considered like true landfills (wood, iron, plastic, rubber, bricks, cement etc. …)Alimac - Metodi produttivi
  4. The different granulometries are selected by a pulsator, regularly kept following the specifications of the Quality Assurance Handbook: production controls occur systematically at every hour (daily, weekly, monthly) and are regularly registered to avoid any problem inside the production process that might be damaging for the partners.Alimac - Metodi produttivi
  5. The controls on the loading phase too follow the parameters described in detail in the internal procedures.Alimac - Metodi produttivi