MYCARB®: "The customised Calcium Carbonate"

ALIMAC, thanks to its experience in the different commodity sectors, by gathering information about the difficulties met by every business partner using Calcium Carbonate, has introduced a new philosophy to get products whose peculiarities can be summed up with a simple but meaningful word:


MYCARB® is the result of an accurate and in-depth survey that has enabled the improvement of White Carrara Marble typical features, adapting them to the needs of the companies which belong mainly to the industrial building field (plasters, varnishes, ready-mixed plasters, agglo-marble etc. …).

Compared to the current products on the market, the improvements achieved are the following ones:

It is this final aspect that enables our partners to analyse new products not yet available on the market, or the implementation of new productive methods that can strongly reduce the costs.

All the currently existing series  named  “MONTE FORATO”, employ a pre-chipping optical selection and continuous granulometric controls in every productive plant.
The following analyses are:

(some analyses are carried out by using a special net)

With MYCARB® any further granulometric specification can be tested, sampled and becoming exclusive as well; that’s why with MYCARB® there are not granulometric limitations anymore.

Today ALIMAC proposes the following productive lines:


‘Z’ type

A traditional line of products from a granulometric point of view  that sums up all the implementations of the MYCARB®; family”. The traditional line includes new granulometric formulas chosen by many business partners of ours, instead of usually used standards.

‘ST’ type

It’s a revision of a traditional “long” (0-600my) product that can be mixed, according to the different needs, with granulometries from 0 to 1.2 mm, obtaining this way granulometric curves that normally and naturally are impossible to achieve.

‘50’ type

It’s a modernization of the standards present on the market for a long time (0.5-1.0-1.5 etc. …), with an improvement of the product compactness performance and the reduction of undesired undersieve

‘100’ type

A very high-performing line with a very reduced curve; a line of products almost “monogranular”, probably futuristic for the current market.

Data sheets of each production line are just an example of the industrially and regularly tested products.

Obviously, any request of an exact and constant granulometric curve the we could receive can be tested and implemented in our plants for the appropriate tests.