Our factories are strategically located in three manufacturing plants, which are similar but each one has its specific productions.

Central, legal and administrative office in Querceta
QUERCETA  (Lucca) – Via Fonda, 1018
Production : Boules d’or pebbles, MYCARB®
Covered area:  8000 sq. m
Uncovered area:  16000 sq. m


Manufacturing plant in Seravezza
SERAVEZZA (Lucca) Via Lombardi, 1509
Production: marble chips, marble powders and pebbles
Covered area:  3000 sq. m
Uncovered area:  8000 sq. m


Manufacturing plant in Pontefoggi
SERAVEZZA (Lucca) – Via Mignano
Production: marble chips and marble powders
Covered area:  2000 sq. m
Uncovered area:  500sq. m